April 23, 2012

Annie Sloan's North American Tour

Last month, Annie Sloan started her tour around North America. I was planning on a spring break trip to Daytona with my little sister that same week. I really wanted to take this workshop, but the timeline just wasn't working out. The Chicago class was the closest, but we were supposed to check in at Daytona the same day. After checking the possibility of flying to Los Angeles for the class or driving to Nashville, I finally asked my sister if we could leave a day later for our trip. To my surprise, she was perfectly ok with that and I got to sign up for the class!

My Mom and I drove up Friday night which was only a two hour drive and we actually stayed in the hotel where the workshop was held. It was the same hotel where I had attended a hair show just a few years ago!

The next morning they served a nice breakfast and we sat in a full room to hear Annie Sloan tell her story, talk all about her paint, and answer all of our questions. It was fun to witness her passion about the paint, color ideas, and projects. You could tell she could have talked about it all day and of course I could have listened to her all day! After breaking for lunch, we then had a hands-on workshop. We experimented with a variety of techniques. I had so much fun learning and being surrounded by people that were just as excited about painting as I was!

We drove home afterward and then I immediately got into my sister's car for the 16 hour drive to Florida! I was in the car for a very long time, but it was so worth it. Everything worked out perfectly after all the stress of possibly not being able to go.

I have already visited the distributer shop in Indiana to pick up tons of chalk paint and I can't wait to get started on projects! The workshop was a great learning experience and a spring board to experiment and learn even more.

I think the best advice when you are interested in something, is to get out there and learn from the best. Just stepping out and researching can be so useful in growing with your skill. The internet gives a lot, but don't forget the library. I have been checking out several books on design and furniture. The opportunties to grow and learn are endless. Knowledge is power! And I believe it gives the ability to build confidence and motivation!

April 16, 2012

Spring Wreath

I recruited my Mom for this project because she just has an eye for floral pieces and I love how it turned out. The color combination just worked so beautifully together! I was inspired by Lindsay's Full Wreath that I found when searching for ideas. She gives a great tutorial that gave us a guideline to start with and then we used our creativity from there.

I hung it a few weeks ago and after a week of being up I noticed a bird had made a nest in the wreath! Can you see the nest in the top left? Don't you think it adds the perfect touch?!

Each day she added one more egg and now there are a total of four!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

April 13, 2012

Spring Fever

It has cooled back down this week compared to the 80 degree weather we were having a few weeks ago. I'm definitely ready to be outside doing more projects, but for now, here is peek of some color I brought indoors!

I will be sharing my spring wreath on Monday. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

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The Shabby Nest    Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

April 11, 2012

The Secret Eagle's Nest

This morning we visited an eagle's nest near my home. It was a brisk 36 degrees, but the sun felt just perfect on my back. I was amazed with how large the nest was. We were lucky enough to find one sitting in the nest and then as we approached, the other flew up and settled on a branch nearby.

I am so thrilled with the few pictures I captured, but seeing it truly takes your breath away! Hope you enjoy your Wednesday!

April 2, 2012

Framed Hooks and Knobs

My little sister's new house was finished a few months ago so we have been having fun decorating each room. We decided we needed something fun to hang up coats, purses, scarves, and hats at her entryway! She came up with the idea to use a decorative frame and a few different styles of hooks and knobs for a fun eclectic look.

We went to Hobby Lobby and began looking at the hooks and knobs that had the same style. After picking out five we liked, we then headed to look at frames. We found the perfect frame that matched our hooks! This idea couldn't have come together any easier.

Using the wall color as the backdrop was a new idea and I think it turned out so wonderful! I will soon be sharing more of her house as rooms are finished.

I can't believe I haven't blogged since February! Time has been flying by as usual. I have been up to so many things lately that I haven't had the time to sit down and write. I will be sharing some spring decorating ideas and also my amazing experience attending the class given by Annie Sloan herself! Sorry it has been so long... it seems my projects get done in waves. Thanks so much for stopping by!