August 17, 2012

Engagement Photos

We had our engagement photography session at the farm the beginning of June. We timed it out perfectly! The sunflower fields only stay in full bloom for 7-10 days. They looked beautiful and the weather was actually a little cooler! We had such a good time with our photographer, Toni Price. She was so relaxed, willing to take all of our joking THE whole time, and knew exactly what she was doing during the entire session.

I think this picture captures "us" perfectly

I have always had very high expectations for my engagement/wedding photos...because, of course I have been swooning over wedding sites for the past two years (yes, I started early)! I wanted our personalities reflected in the photos, but with an artistic twist.

When I saw Toni Price's portfolio, I knew she would give me exactly what I was looking for. She delivered, even exceeded. They are all absolutely breathtaking.

It was fun to incorporate a few fun props including my french settee in the meadow and a red tractor in front of the barn. Of course, the sunflowers were perfect on their own!

I love how Toni works with the rays of the sun!   

I feel so blessed that we were able to have the pictures taken at our farmhouse, too. They will be so special to us. Not only did she capture the beauty of "us," but also the beauty we are surrounded by everyday!

Here is her blog post about the session with even more pictures. You should really check out her other work as well. She is brilliant behind the camera!

It is so wonderful to work with someone that you fully trust. Thank you Toni!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend:) 

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