August 18, 2011

Classroom Makeover

My little sister's classroom was large and started out with purple walls and cabinets. We were inspired by the purple when coordinating different fabrics to make pillows for a reading area. After we had our color scheme we found some fun decorative pieces and made a collage wall to include artwork!

Here is one side of the room where the reading area is...we found the rugs at Menards and the cute green stool at Joanne Fabrics. Down the road we plan to find a fun chair, but didn't have enough time to find one in only three days!

These are the fun pillows we made! The geometric patterns in the fabric were so much fun for the classoom! We used purple and aqua fleece for the back of each pillow.

This is a window curtain we found at Wal-mart for $9.95! We actually found it after we had picked the color scheme and it matched perfectly! My Mom sewed a sleeve at the top and bottom. We used spring tension rods for both ends that held it up. We then made a band out of ribbon to gather the middle.

We found these caddy's to hold all of the students' supplies!

This is the collage wall that including some wonderful quotes that fit perfectly in the classroom. The green frame holds this quote..
 "The more that you read,
the more things you will know.

The more that you know,
the more places you'll go"
-Dr. Seuss

The black one reads..
"Excellence is a habit,
not an act.
It takes practice

My oldest sister created the other two posters in the collage. She is amazing with graphic arts and working with the computer! She also created this Homework and Birthday Chart for the bulletin board. I believe some of you might recognize my older sister from the famous Sweet Sewn Stitches!! She was so kind to share the printables of her charts.. you can find them here.

This bulletin board was outside of her classrom in the hallway. My Mom came up with this fun idea to hang shirts on a twine clothesline! SO cute!

I made a template out of cardboard for the shirts and cut them out with some cute scrapbook paper! We found the mini clothespins at Wal-mart.

The newest 5th Grade Teacher at her desk!

All of our hard work really paid off... She really enjoyed the final product! Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Wow! Who wouldn't want to learn in a fun, awesome, amazing classroom like that! Great job, that's incredible!!

    Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It

  2. Oh i lOVE the classroom. I taught junior high for 7 years and LOVED every second of it. (Teaching is a great job!!!)

    Now I am staying home with my three little ones which I also love but at this time of year I miss the classroom. There is something magical about the beginning of a school many possibilities.

    I love the decorations and I love the dedication to make her classroom awesome. I know she is going to be a fantastic teacher.

  3. I want those posters very much! They are wonderful. I hate the canned teaching stuff to put on the walls. I want a cool classroom. I plan to bring in a neat yellow bird cage and have kids make birds to hang in it. How can I get those great posters your sister made?

  4. Thank your all for your wonderful comments!

    Courtney- I love the birdcage idea!! Here is the link for the chart printables You can just click on the image and it will be bring it up for you to save it on your computer! Hope this helps!