July 18, 2011

Fun Filled Weekend

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I spent this weekend in The East Barn painting furniture and taking pictures for some upcoming posts. We also had a nice dinner on the back deck. The Hunny has been working hard on the deck the past few weeks and has finally finished it. I will be posting pictures soon!

We also had a wonderful surprise Friday evening. Zoe, our dog, had puppies! We had a male dog around the farm a few months ago. He was very skittish and concerning to have around. Of course, he took a liking to Zoe. We had a hard time deciding what to do with this beautiful black dog who wouldn't let us near him. We gave it some time and he soon warmed up to us.

He now comes when we call him, has learned how to sit, and is always excited to see us! I guess dogs need time to trust others just as humans do. We always referred to him as black dog so now he responds to that name..not what I would have chosen but I guess it will do! So now Zoe and Black Dog have 7 puppies. Hopefully we can find good homes for the puppies, but I am still trying to convince The Hunny to keep just one! Although, right now we have 5 cats, 5 kittens, 6 chickens, 2 dogs, and 7 puppies...Oh my!

After reading this post from Miss Mustard Seed I have been on the lookout for a tool caddy for the kitchen. And look what I found in the barn out back! How wonderful it is to go shopping in your own sheds and barns filled with old treasures!

It was covered in dirt and grime. So I gave it a good cleaning with a brush and bleach water. After washing the dirt away, this lovely chipped paint was exposed!

This tool caddy was used for lamb shears, but it is now transformed as a kitchen storage caddy. I filled it with bowls, sifters, and jars (which I'm addicted to).

Have you gone shopping in your own basement, shed, or attic lately? You might be surprised with what you find!

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