January 24, 2012

A Prayer Shawl

Last week my sister's employer found out she has breast cancer and informed her staff that she would be taking a leave of absence for a few weeks. My Mom came up with the idea to make a prayer shawl for her. We all decided to work on it together through this next week.

I have knitted many scarves and blankets before and it's always just to keep busy while sitting in front of the television. Although, Sunday evening I just sat there in the silence, by myself, with the thunder rolling outside...putting prayer and thought and love into what I was knitting. It was such a good feeling to reflect on what this woman was going to be going through and what I could do with my hands to possibly bring her comfort during that time. I also took the time to be grateful to God for what I have and how fortunate I am for my good health. This is another way of staying close to God. I want to stay focused on using the abilities God gave me to serve others.

I also have to mention that I was struggling with a few mistakes at first and became frustrated. I was praying for the focus on why I was knitting this and that it didn't need to be perfect. My little sister encouraged me later with a quote she found. "As I knit through the creation of the shawl, I gratefully acknowledge the imperfections, weaving them into my prayers and intentions for the one who will be wrapped in and blessed."

Hopefully we can finish it in a week! Thanks for visiting!

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