August 26, 2011

My Little Black Puppies

The puppies are 6 weeks old today! We have been enjoying having them around and cannot believe how big they have grown. Each one has their own unique personality and it will be hard to start giving them away. But I can't have 6 puppies running around. They have already taken a liking to my flower beds!

It's so funny to see how the puppies, kittens, and chickens all react to each other. The puppies play pretty rough with the kittens, but are scared of the chickens! Zoe has been such a good mother keeping them fed and Black Dog just stands so wisely while they jump all over him like a playground.

It was a little difficult getting good pictures of them just because they move so quickly and usually gather right at your feet, but here are just a couple I thought you might enjoy!

Here are all six at about 4 weeks old.

The puppies playing with Black Dog

It's hard to see, but her back toes are white!
I will have some fun sewing projects to share next week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. oh so cute!! my family used to raise german shepherds :) love puppies!!

  2. I love your puppies. I had two lab mix who came to us as strays. They looked just like your puppies. Makes me miss mine who died about four years ago. What a cute furry family!

  3. I want one, but its not possible right now! They are so stinking cute. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Nice shots Kelly!