August 23, 2011

The New East Barn

I have been so busy the past few days working on a new barn to use as my workshop to restore furniture. Unfortunately, the other barn I had been using has been taken over by chickens!

I was working on the matching end table to this one and noticed bird or chicken poop on the tabletop. When I removed the paper I found that it had actually stained the wood darker in two spots. After researching, I decided to bleach the spots. I then had two bleach spots. I suddenly realized I should have bleached the entire surface! So after a couple rounds of bleach and sanding I finally stained the wood. It actually turned out beautiful!

I went on with my process and brushed my first coat of poly on. The next day I walked out to find a chicken had hopped on the table, which was sitting on another table, and had walked across leaving footprints and chicken scratches! I was horrified! I was about to throw out the second table and settle for one, but moved forward in hopes of being able to sand out the scratches.

I immediately moved my end table to the well sealed garage to ensure that I wouldn't have any more attacks! After not being able to even look at the table for a week, I finally sanded the scratches out and applied another coat of poly. It now looks beautiful with a few imperfections (I call it character). After this whole fiasco I asked The Hunny for a different barn to work in!

The new barn is filled with junk and dirt, but I just know once we clean her up she will be just perfect. This past week I have been using the drill and well as getting dirty by clearing out all of the junk and sweeping the floors to expose the concrete.

Saturday The Hunny and I were cleaning out the top of the rafters which were filled with tons of scrap wood. There was also an old, wood table sitting up there I can't wait to get my hands on. This is a recap of the following occurences...

The Hunny: (standing up in the rafters)

Me: Hunny you can't just drop that old wood will break. Here, let me take it. (arms outstretched)

The Hunny: Ok, you got it?

Me: Yea I got it.

The Hunny: You sure you got it? I still have quite a bit of weight up here.

Me: Yep, I got it! I got it. (picture a long table resting on my leg with arms spread so far out there was no way of actually being able to hold onto it)

The Hunny let go of the table

Me: On the ground with a table on top of me

The Hunny: Don't remember all of the words out of his mouth and then...are you ok?!

Me: Is the table broken?

I completely collapsed under this table. I came up laughing with a scratched and bruised leg. I was so thankful I didn't break my leg or the table! Sometimes I am just way too confident with what I think I can handle!

I took a few pictures this morning before I swept the floor. I was a little nervous about showing these pictures, but this is what it's about. I love taking brokenness and bringing it to its beauty.

Still some cleaning out to do!
We are going to use the tall cabinet for storage! And I know those old barn wood planks caught your eye.
I have put them aside to possibly use in the foyer!

Love the inside of the door!

The table beside the barn is the one that conquered me!
We plan on filling the floor in with concrete to level it. We need to do some electrical work and plan to install a few cabinets we have on hand...and possibly a window! We are also going to put some of The Hunny's tools and saws in there so he can help with fixing up my furniture! We are both so excited that we will finally be able to put this lovely barn to good use! I will keep you posted with our progress and pictures!

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