August 4, 2011

Preparing For Winter

Preparing for winter seems so silly but it will be here in no time! I always love having sweet corn on hand for meals in the winter. It is a lot of hard work but always worth it! My Mom and I spend a day preparing it and I will be sharing our process with you today.

First we go out and pick the corn. Can I just say this is very hard work?! We were covered in dirt and and itched all over when we were finished! The heat index of 115 degrees didn't help either! We usually pick about 14 dozen which makes roughly 14 quart size freezer bags. We bring grocery sacks with us and fill each one with a dozen so it's easier for us to keep track.

Good thing we had an empty spare refrigerator!
We bake the corn in the oven.. husks and all directly on the racks. The oven is set at 350 and they bake for about 30 minutes. We have to wait on the first round to get done, but by the time you husk, cut, and bag the first batch, your next batch is done cooking. Oven roasting the corn makes the process easier than trying to keep up with a boiling pot! Although, it does make a mess of the oven!

After they have cooled we start shucking them. We laid the husks on craft paper which made it easier to dump them in the trash bag. 

We use a block of wood with a nail hammered into it to hold the corn in place and cut the corn on a pan to catch all the loose corn that falls.

We use a wonderful tool called the corn cutter to make life a little easier.  My Mom is giving a wonderful demonstration with how it works.. It takes some practice!

After the pan is full, we scoop it into quart-sized freezer bags. The smaller quart size is perfect to thaw for a meal! We fill them to the top and make sure there is no air before sealing.

We write the date on the bags and it's ready to go in the freezer for winter! I love the idea of preparing food for the winter and it's even better that we get to enjoy what The Hunny grew for us all year round. His corn is the best after all!

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  1. Wow! What an interesting process. I never even knew there was a tool for cutting the kernels. I'd love to get to the point of putting food up for winter. Grocery prices are so high. Makes planning the garden for next year so important!